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The board game for storytellers

So I don't usually buy board games, but Dixit was the exception to the rule. Full of interpretation and creativity, suitable for small and large groups of all ages and abilities, I have found it such a fun part of drama workshops. Recently I've been using it at Hijinx Theatre as a way of exploring how a story can be told, how an image can be interpreted and to exercise creative decision making. Highly recommend it as a mental warm up or cool down too! For a simplified version (without buying the full game - you can buy what are called 'extension packs' of image cards) provide each player with 5 cards, choose the first 'storyteller' let them secretly select a card and come up with a title (which can be a sound word or short phrase) then allow the group a few minutes to pick a card from their own pack which they think fits this story title. (We imagined the card was like the front cover of a book with the storytellers title.) Once everyone has chosen their card, they give the card to the storyteller facedown who shuffles them before laying them out on the table. As a group we then had to find the storytellers card. Recognition and praise goes to everyone who finds the right card, and special mentions to anyone else's card chosen (they must have made an excellent choice to be thought as the storytellers card)

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